About Steamhaus

We’re a Manchester-based cloud and DevOps consultancy. We work with startups, digital and creative agencies, online retailers, and high traffic websites who need excellent technical expertise and first class customer service.

We're a team of engineers with expertise in DevOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) system architecture, scalability and security (amongst other things).

We’re a small, but perfectly formed consultancy. Here’s why:

we’re a small team

We wanted to create the sort of consultancy that meant customers would get the benefits of a small team that know their solution and company intimately. We’re not about to scale to a massive, faceless hosting company where customers are just numbers.

That said, it’s important that we’ve got a big enough technical team to provide 24×7 support and high-end technical expertise. There’s nearly 20 of us and the majority are engineering (rather than sales) staff.

we’re technology-led

We’re driven by leading-edge technology and are all about imparting this to our clients.

We’re genuinely excited about building and developing relevant solutions to your infrastructure problems, to become your complete outsourced operations team and trusted partner.

we understand you

We work with you to understand your applications and code, working in sync with your business objectives and providing a cost-effective, highly available and scalable hosting solution.

it’s all about personal service

You’ll have a dedicated cloud architect who will lead the technical aspects of your account. They’ll be responsible for setting up your dedicated runbook covering the details of your services.

When your dedicated cloud architect is away, they’ll ensure the rest of the team give you continuity of service.

we care about your solution

Once we’ve helped craft the right solution for your website or app, we’ll love it as if it were our own.  


Why the name, branding, and unusual office design?

Steam Haus Manchester

Tech companies’ branding can be a bit staid at times. It’s a given that what we’re doing is high tech. And we wanted to have a bit of fun instead of just focusing on looking all high-tech.

Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and is at the heart of the third industrial revolution: the digital revolution. So we decided to play on the industrial heritage of Manchester, where we’re based.

We wanted to emphasise our core values of hard work and attention to detail, which we hope comes across in our office design and our branding.

Find out more about our branding and office design and why they’re so important to us.