About Steamhaus, our specialisms and our key values

Steamhaus is a cloud and DevOps consultancy and next-generation MSP, specialising in container and serverless architectures.

We design, build, migrate and run highly automated, Well-Architected cloud native platforms.

Our typical customers are startups / scale-ups, fintech, e-commerce, and digital transformation teams within larger organisations.


we’re technology-led

We’re driven by leading-edge technology and are all about imparting this to our clients.

We’re experts in Kubernetes and Terraform and use best of breed tooling such as SignalFX and Cloudcheckr to add value to our Site Reliability Engineering 24/7 managed service.

We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Well-Architected Partner. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re proud to have been one of the first ten partners globally to have been invited onto the program.

All of our engineers are AWS Certified and we actively assist our technical team to progress through the training and certifications.

We’re genuinely excited about building and developing relevant solutions to your infrastructure problems, and our aim is to become your complete outsourced operations team and trusted partner.

we have an unfair advantage:
we care more

Our culture is entirely focused on treating our team like human beings and not robots. It sounds obvious but it’s pretty unusual for businesses to operate this way. Our MD is incredibly passionate about company culture.

Have a look at our ‘haus rules to see our culture. We created them together and they’re the very core of our values and how we expect the team to treat each other and customers. But more importantly they show how we care about our team and understand that they have personal lives, emotions and are intelligent enough to be left to do what they do best—rather than being micromanaged or overworked.

A happy team is naturally proud of the company they’re part of, and that translates to a desire to do right with all of our clients. Our customers each have a designated engineer who integrates with the customer’s own internal team, resulting in a fantastic working relationship where our engineer treats the platform as if it were their own. 

we think like a small company, and always will

There’s always that cliché: “we’re small enough to care but big enough to deliver”.

Problems arise when companies grow and forget to care.

It’s a given that we have a big enough technical team with a wealth of expertise to provide 24×7 support and high-end technical services. There’s nearly 20 of us and the majority are engineering staff.

We wanted to create the sort of consultancy that aims to delight customers with every interaction.

It’s in our DNA and will stay that way as we grow.

we strive to understand both your business objectives and technical needs

No two customers have the same needs or business objectives, so it follows that the solution they need for their infrastructure can’t be ‘off the shelf’.

We work with you to understand your applications and code, working in sync with your business objectives and providing a cost-effective, highly available and scalable hosting solution.

We know the value of personal service

If we’re working on a project for you

An AWS certified engineer will be heavily involved right from the first meeting we have with you, alongside someone from our sales team—don’t worry, there’s no pushy selling here, we just want to make sure you get the solution your business needs. 

When we start on your project, your dedicated solutions architect will stay with you for the duration.

Your project manager will oversee the running of the project and will (with your solutions architect) hold weekly video meetings with your team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If we look after your platform on an ongoing basis

If you’re taking an ongoing service with us to maintain your platform, you’ll be assigned a principal engineer who will perform all the proactive work on your platform.

Your account manager and your principal engineer will hold a monthly catch up call with you, alongside quarterly roadmapping sessions to ensure we’re correctly prioritising proactive work on your infrastructure.

The history of our company

Steamhaus was founded in 2015 by a group of individuals who’d worked together in the managed hosting industry, and realised that public cloud was the future of the industry.

We’re financially backed by Daniel Faraday-Foster who founded Melbourne Server Hosting in 2000, growing it to a multi-million pound managed hosting provider with a staff of 40 and three datacentres in Manchester, before exiting in 2012.

Steamhaus was founded in 2015 with three of our directors having worked together at Melbourne. Five years on we now have a team of twenty staff, and have for the last three years grown by on average 50%.

Between our team we have 25 AWS certifications, and are proud to be an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and accredited on the AWS Well Architected program.