Positive vibes for January

The other day our Dan visited Yo Sushi! for a quick bite.  Whilst looking over the menu he noticed a section that had been added especially for the new year.

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I know it might seem a bit like it’s trying to force all the whimsical happy feels down your throat, but it’s only a light-hearted attempt to encourage a positive mindset and to try new things.  It made me think about how January is often treated in the opposite manner to December: no spending, no indulgence, no fun.  Now, I completely understand the idea of balance, and after all that spending and consuming in the run up to – and during – Christmas, you might want to take it easy for a bit.  But seeing as January’s already associated with the blues, why not make it a bit more fun?  Have a look over these 31 ways to be happy and give some of them a go 🙂

Yo Sushi!

As you can see at the bottom of this image, these positive vibes are brought to you by Lizzie Cornwall; check her book out here.

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