AWS’ James Hamilton explains their custom hardware and network

It’s no secret that AWS are dominating the public-cloud market, but why is this?

Back in late-November, AWS’ VP & Distinguished Engineer James Hamilton spoke at AWS re:Invent 2016. The video is below:

James explains that AWS design not only their own routers, chips, storage servers and compute servers, but also their own high-speed network. James explains,

“We’ve got, in the same company . . . digital designers working on (chipsets), hardware designers working on NICs (network interface cards), and software developers.”


When you own the horizontal and vertical, we get to move at the pace we’re used to, we get the make changes at the pace we’re used to, we get to respond to customer requirements at the pace we’re used to. We think this is a really big deal.”

AWS doesn’t have to rely on third-party vendors, so their tech isn’t shoehorned in to fit multiple use-cases. Their equipment is all designed for the task at hand, resulting in them being able to scale up incredibly quickly. This also means that they aren’t waiting months for break-fixes or patches.

Geekwire gave James’ whole talk a great write up. Check it out here.

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