Oh S*** It’s Black Friday

Whether it’s a retailer’s dream to you or a bone of contention, Black Friday is almost upon us and needs consideration when it comes to website traffic,

What does Black Friday mean?

Well. As shoppers, we’re bombarded with a lot of cleverly worded marketing ploys that enable us to believe we are buying something at a “highly” reduced rate. Leading to us spending hours trawling the internet to find the few actual bargains in the prelude to boxing day sales.

As a business owner it’s a question of whether you choose to capitalise on this revenue driven time of year or give it a wide berth.

Argos Black Friday

“Brits are expected to spend £12,384 every second online during Black Friday” – with us achieving a record breaking £1bn+ in sales. Like it or not, this discount day is here to stay with some of the biggest brand names securing Black Friday landing pages months in advance.

Halfords Black Friday

Springboard Research predict that Christmas shopping footfall is expected to be 8.8% lower on Boxing Day than last year due to earlier sales such as ‘Black Friday’ and the ability to shop online.

Our MD Dan voiced his opinion:

“We all know Black Friday is a made-up event here in the UK, but if you’re in e-commerce you need to be aware of it and what it might do to your traffic patterns.

“You might be wanting to capitalise on it, building out a big campaign, where you hope to get a massive increase in traffic over a short period. Equally you might want to take the high road and opt out of it, in which case your traffic levels might be lower than usual, especially with a growing number of customers participating in Buy Nothing Friday.

“Either way, you want to to be able to take advantage of the full benefits of the cloud, by having an infrastructure that can automatically scale up or down, so that you’re not paying for resources that you don’t use, and when your site’s busy, it doesn’t start to slow down because you’ve hit the resource limits of traditional hosting.”

No matter your feelings about the day, the numbers speak for themselves. The tide of shoppers can’t be ignored.

But what can you do?

The majority of our customers in the run up to the holiday season are looking for lean and inexpensive hosting infrastructure that can react to unusual spikes of traffic almost – if not- immediately. Not only does this free up more of a budget to go along with holiday campaigns (real or not) but also, why should a business pay for server space they aren’t actually using at the time?

So if you’re looking for:
A reduction in IT spend
The ability to streamline your services
On point technical expertise
A hosting company to actually work with your development team
No silly holiday marketing ploys *except for this one

We can help.

We’re Steamhaus, guiding you through the cloud. And ranting about fake holidays along the way.

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