AWS Immersion Days

AWS Immersion Day workshops hosted by Steamhaus are a day-long, educational experience created to help you learn how to best leverage AWS to unlock business potential and meet key objectives.

All our AWS Immersion Days feature a range of hands-on labs with instructor-led tutorials that will help your team quickly pick up new skills and learn AWS best practices.

Our specialist Solution Architects will share their experiences of designing and building hundreds of Well-Architected AWS platforms: combining deep technical expertise and knowledge of AWS and related technologies, with real-world examples. 

By participating in an Immersion Day, it will give your team the opportunity to learn from our experts as all our Immersion Days are led by Steamhaus AWS Solution Architects certified at Professional level.

AWS Immersion Days hosted by Steamhaus are now available for the following topics: 

Application Modernisation

Modernising applications that are important to a business (from Monoliths to Microservices) has the potential to deliver massive benefits such as agility and simplicity.

A typical Application Modernisation Immersion Day will start off with level-setting participants through common cloud migration drivers, patterns, benefits and challenges. It will then jump into patterns such as the strangler that can be utilszed to break down monolith applications and incrementally modernize them through re-architecture, while leveraging cloud-native services to tap into the full value provided by the cloud.


A Container Immersion Day is a deep dive into the AWS ECS, ECR and EKS services.

During the session, attendees will get hands-on time with containers on AWS, as well as guidance on running containers in a production environment, plus discussion and guidance from a Steamhaus Solution Architect on attendees’ specific use cases.


A Serverless Immersion Day introduces attendees to the range of AWS serverless services, providing opportunities to get hands-on and build their own application in the session.

The main idea of a Serverless Immersion Day is to inspire attendees to think outside the box, get hands-on with AWS serverless technologies. The goal is to shift the focus from traditional server-based setup using AWS foundation services to more sophisticated and higher-level managed services.


A Migration Immersion Day is an intermediate-level training session where attendees learn best practices for migrating to AWS from on-prem using a simulated environment.

The migration flow is aligned with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program best practices and includes steps from the Assess, Mobilize, and Modernize and Migrate phases.

Security & Compliance

A Security and Compliance Immersion Day is a customisable AWS experience delivered by solution architects. The goal of the Security and Compliance Immersion Day is to help participants understand security best practices on AWS and get hands-on with the range of AWS services.


The DevOps Immersion Day is a customisable AWS experience delivered by solution architects. The goal of the DevOps Immersion Day is to help attendees learn about using AWS Code* (CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy) services.

A DevOps Immersion Day allows hands on time with AWS services, and SA guidance for their particular use cases.


An AWS Well-Architected Immersion Day provides participants with hands-on experience implementing AWS Well-Architected design principles and best practices.

After attending an AWS Well-Architected Immersion Day, attendees will be able to champion the value the AWS Well-Architected framework could bring to their organisation, even if they are not yet experts in AWS.

Who should attend?

Infrastructure engineers, developers, and architects.

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