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Oh S*** It’s Black Friday

The big day fast approaches; are you ready?

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AWS & Azure announce regions in London

AWS and Azure both announce their intentions to make an honest city out of London by building (separate) datacentre space to act as regions for their cloud offerings. This is good news.

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Daniel talks to Manchester Business Radio

Dan takes time out from his busy schedule of parenting and startups to chat with Manchester Business Radio about the journey of Steamhaus.

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The story behind the Steamhaus branding

It all started with a bottle of wine...

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We’ve Been Huddled

The lovely people at Huddled recently invited our own resident lovely, creative director Dennis Keighron-Foster in to explain what Steamhaus is all about...

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Launch Party

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with a start up, we almost forgot to do something with the lovely pictures we had taken...

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