Heartless hosting

Choosing the right hosting provider can be a nightmare. There are wildly varying costs, when on the surface all hosting companies seem to do exactly the same thing. 

And when you do eventually choose which company to work with, you’re hit with sales tactics reminiscent of the time you went to Carcraft a few years ago. 

All in all, it’s a pain.

This is the exact reason that we started Steamhaus. It’s difficult enough trying to navigate through the hosting minefield, and even more so when the staff you speak with push you towards a solution that isn’t right for you. We have an incredibly experienced team that genuinely know what they’re talking about. They love the cloud more than you could ever imagine, and understand that there’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to hosting. 

Steam Haus Manchester

Instead of being pushy on the phone, we prefer to invite you in to our lovely offices in Manchester for a chat. We make a great coffee, and Poppy might even be in for cuddle too. We’re equally happy to go to your office if you’d prefer, even if there isn’t an adorable office dog to stroke! 

This chat is just to see how we can help you. We won’t confuse you with a load of jargon — unless you want us to, and we’re happy to see if we can work alongside your current setup. We offer loads of solutions, and we’ll talk you through all the relevant ones. One of them will definitely improve the way you run your business. 

Being a consultancy means that we aren’t tied to one hosting provider. We can tailor everything to suit your business needs, then deal with all the annoying stuff that you dread. If you do choose to move forward with Steamhaus, we’ll monitor your services 24×7, both proactively to ward off potential failures, and reactively for unexpected errors that have an adverse effect on your website or application. 

Not long ago we also launched our new public cloud platform, SteamCloud. It’s based in Manchester, and could be suitable if you have a smaller site or application, or simply if you want us looking after the entire hosting stack, rather than using a third party like Amazon Web Services.

There’s nothing you can throw at us that we can’t handle. 

We love the cloud. Let us guide you through it,

SH.HH S01.67.9.18


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