How Regatta discovered a better way to spend Black Friday

‘‘Last Black Friday, the site was down for 4 hours… this Black Friday I was in the pub at 3pm because things were going so well.” – Jeff fox, head of development for ecommerce at regatta outdoors

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of drowning in the hysteria that is Black Friday, the scenario Jeff describes above was the norm for every retailer?

Before partnering with Steamhaus, Regatta didn’t always have the luxury of spending Black Friday afternoon in the pub…

Regatta’s ecommerce site was experiencing periodic performance and reliability problems, particularly in high-traffic situations. They wanted to build out their internal development and operations functions, and needed a team that could look after their environment, fixing and resolving issues before they had any impact on the website.

We carried out a phase of performance testing and looked at the latest developments in the AWS platform and Magento to settle on a design that was agile and would allow Regatta to scale—enabling the leisure brand to expand internationally.

Hear how we helped Jeff and the Regatta team transform its ecommerce infrastructure on Essential Retail’s RetailRamble podcast.

Listen to the full episode now, here: Retail Ramble podcast: Regatta on improving ecommerce infrastructure.

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