The story behind the Steamhaus branding

83fe007f38be2be9ff6476fbe4d259faIt all started with a bottle of wine.

Which in my experience is always a good place to start. We took inspiration for the branding from a label of our favourite chilled beverage of choice – Cloud Factory. The name was perfect, but we wanted something original that didn’t have to play directly on ‘cloud’ or ‘factory’, while still keeping the industrial and analogue associations the two words carry.

It didn’t take us long to come up with the Steampunk theme, and the image that emerged of an airship parting its way through the clouds is a lovely artistic metaphor for what we do. It allowed us to sidestep the de rigueur, sterile branding of our competitors, helping us to stand out as the bespoke solutions provider that we are.

We’ve had multiple blimps and taglines along the way to accompany the final logo, which was the biggest and hardest bit of the marketing material to get right. Originally, we were thinking: ‘Steamhaus. Keeping the cloud well oiled’. We loved it, until our PR company, Fourth Day, very politely pointed out that it might have more connotations with getting drunk. Exactly! It seemed pretty fitting to me!

With branding consultants Ahoy at our side and the office interiors coming on nicely, the theme quickly snowballed from purely Steampunk to a glorious mash-up of all the glamour and best bits of the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. We’re not greedy, promise!

From the 1920s swing music in our video, to the gorgeous art deco and Eames-inspired office furniture in our beautiful Victorian office; from our analogue-styled website with 30s and 50s design inspiration, to the fab cross-hatched Jules Verne-inspired illustrated logo – there isn’t a decade we haven’t straddled and stolen something magpie-style to embellish our glimmering nest.

We’re not afraid to say we own it all! Our branding is now whatever we want it to be – which coincidentally just so happens to be how we think of the cloud…

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