The Importance of Video

When you come to make your marketing plan, the main thing that companies generally earmark money for is hospitality; which of course is all well and good – but I passionately believe that once in a while you should throw everything you’ve got at a video, as the results can be incredibly fruitful. Yes a video is not a drink, or a meal, or a tenuous event sponsorship, but it is something to adorn your website with. It’s a tangible item that if made well, with the right budget to do it justice, can get your message across, can last for years and can inspire other marketing projects.

As a moonlighting Writer/Director, I find it frustrating that companies who clearly spend a lot of time and money on marketing take the decision to turn away from video and not properly invest in it; or worse still pollute their websites with terrible cheap and badly thought out films.

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Admittedly we’ve just sunk most of the year’s (modest start-up) marketing budget into the ‘about us’ video, which for a new business was a daunting prospect, particularly for Daniel and Luan to swallow. But because it’s well made, beautifully shot, perfectly edited, with good, paid for and licensed music, with added special effects – it’s well worth its money. For want of a less clichéd comment… it has that WOW factor, which says so much about us as a company and as a group of people, as in some way everyone had their input.

Video is a brilliant addition to your presentation or even a pitch, or for simply giving someone an idea of what you are about or even your ethos as a company. If you get your video right it’s a sure-fire ambassador for the quality of the services you supply. It helps companies put faith in your brand.

I aim to write and direct corporate films that aren’t boring, or the same as a thousand other videos. I want each video I make to be unique and stand out for the right reasons.

This is the 3rd video I’ve made for one of my own companies. The first being the ‘New Home’ video for previous co Melbourne Server Hosting – which cost us less than half what the new Steamhaus video did, but even at this lower cost, back in 2011 it felt to some like we were shelling out a huge amount of money for something that (until you present people with the finished product) people think is a frivolous expenditure of the marketing budget. I had to really talk the directors into making the most out of such a beautiful asset as the office design and the efforts put into staff empowerment.

The ‘New Home’ video paid for itself in a matter of weeks. It got people talking about us, about what we had achieved with the office, about our thoughts on staff moral and retention. People were genuinely impressed by it, by us and our offering. We had thousands of plays on Vimeo and everyone we met had either heard about it or had watched it.

The Steamhaus video is meant to show the progression of the industry we are in, highlighted by the contrast of the old fashioned swing music. We wanted to create something that was different that blew other cloud hosting videos out of the water. It had to be fun, sophisticated and full of our tight knit team’s personality, yet delivering a clear message – good customer service, backed up by excellent technical knowledge – I’m really pleased to say that we have achieved this and I’m bubbling with ideas for future videos.

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