Customer Case Studies

We’ve worked with a lot of incredibly exciting businesses, each of them having different requirements and different end goals.

A selection of them are below, and each story outlines the customer’s problem and how we solved it and continue to work alongside them.

Lumina Learning

Autoscaling ECS platform with Terraform infrastructure as code, with Puppet and GitLab CI for CI/CD.

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Replacement of DCOS on AWS with Kubernetes on AWS, resulting in a highly available, fully automated platform using Terraform orchestration.

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Autoscaling EC2 platform, serverless platform, and migration to AWS.

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Sperry Rail

Rebuild of the platform using a combination of services, including Lambda and ECS Fargate. Now entirely serverless—reduced operational overheads and more cost-effective.

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Resilient, stable, and scalable Magento solution for high-traffic ecommerce website.

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Orchestration of AWS using Terraform to compliment speedy growth and significant investment. DueCourse now have a fully modernised infrastructure.

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