Customer Case Studies

We’ve worked with a lot of incredibly exciting businesses, each of them having different requirements and different end goals.

A selection of them are below, and each story outlines the customer’s problem and how we solved it and continue to work alongside them.

Sperry Rail

Rebuild of the platform using a combination of services, including Lambda and ECS Fargate. Now entirely serverless—reduced operational overheads and more cost-effective.

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Resilient, stable, and scalable Magento solution for high-traffic ecommerce website.

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Replacement of DCOS on AWS with Kubernetes on AWS, resulting in a highly available, fully automated platform using Terraform orchestration.

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Orchestration of AWS using Terraform to compliment speedy growth and significant investment. DueCourse now have a fully modernised infrastructure.

Read More came to us when they wanted to upgrade their existing solution. A move to AWS gave them load balancing, and a huge level of scalability.

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Dynamically scaling AWS solution, hosting a resource heavy ecommerce optimisation site. This has fuelled rapid international growth, resulting in 300% site speed increase.

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