Ahoy is a digital and creative agency. Their approach to branding, digital and marketing is integrated, a perfect mix of art and science. They prioritise functionality and KPIs above anything else, and make sure to never drift away from these at any stage of the branding process.

They help to create and grow brands, through Brand Atmosphere, User Experiences and Customer Acquisition.

Ahoy have worked with brands such as Barburrito, Black Label, Neighbourhood and Knight Corporate Finance.

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The Brief

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 07.52.32One of Ahoy’s fashion brand clients with an e-commerce site had grown significantly from when it’d first been set up and was now turning over several million. Unfortunately, the current site was falling over frequently and needed stabilising whilst a new site was developed. It was hosted on a dedicated server where the current hosting provider’s Server Management product wasn’t suited to the client’s needs.

The Solution

After reviewing the situation along with both Ahoy’s and their client’s requirements, we proposed our SysOps package.

Managed SysOps

The principal benefits of this are:

  • 24×7 monitoring of platform.
  • 15 minute response to emergency situations.
  • Proactive security patching.
  • Additional support to undertake ad-hoc tasks

Full details of our Managed SysOps package can be found here.

We immediately took over the 24×7 monitoring of the server and its environment, freeing Ahoy and their client of the burden of having to respond to incidents affecting the platform.

Our Cloud Architects then started to look into the server and associated applications to find out the cause of the stability issues.

These types of situations are not uncommon for digital creative agencies, but are challenging and need a lot of expert help. As consultants we take over the management of an environment that wasn’t built by us as we understand the importance of continuity of service.

The Results

Within a day or so we’d improved the situation massively and the site was stable, which allowed us to focus on improving performance.

Our Cloud Architects did a lot of optimisation work on the servers to reduce load times, which has obvious positive results in terms of the number of visitors who stick around and buy something. Additionally, we configured CloudFlare to further optimise load times by serving all static content from their CDN.

We now act as an extension of Ahoy’s technical team, providing operations support to their developers.  We’ve also established a partnership where we assist Ahoy on client pitches.

Ahoy are now building the client’s replacement site using Magento. We’re designing and building the new infrastructure that it’ll run on, working closely with Ahoy to ensure the two elements go hand-in-hand to enhance the end-user experience, not hinder it.

We’ll help with the details of the all-important migration to the new platform including monitoring both the old and new environments during this crucial time. After that we’ll continue to make sure the new site is always online and never constrained by its hosting environment.

We visited Ahoy to film this case study. Check it out below:

[vimeo id=”184844902″]

"Steamhaus were a godsend! They helped us when no one else could, stabilising a platform that was sat with a different provider, before building bespoke infrastructure tailored to each of our clients requirements.

"Not only are we happy and more confident, but our customers are.

"We’ve had numerous bad experiences with hosting “solutions” but Steamhaus actually care. It’s so refreshing. Good server specs and infrastructure are not a USP anymore. It's about staff with TRUE expertise. This is where we have been let down with other providers but with Steamhaus that's their strength so they got that right from the very start. We have never looked back.

"Other hosting providers should take note."