Bunting is a high growth ecommerce optimisation business with an international customer base. Their solution includes product recommendations, shopping cart abandonment prevention, behavioural targeting and newsletter personalisation.

Customers report over 50% increase in conversion rate through using Bunting.

The Brief

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 14.03.02Bunting came to us via a referral. They were growing incredibly quickly and needed a solution with superior hosting and support capabilities. Bunting were not previously receiving the support they required which triggered them into actively looking for a company that could do this.

The Bunting application required a custom environment to operate to its full potential. It had very specific requirements and needed a lot of resources to manage every aspect. In addition, Bunting needed to ensure that the technical team managing the platform knew precisely how the application works, what its needs are and how best to deal with any issues that arise from it.

The Solution

After discussions with Bunting about their current environment and future needs we proposed our AWS Management package as a starting point.

The principal benefits of this are:

  • Configuring and management of an auto-scaling environment
  • AWS cost management
  • Configuring infrastructure as code
  • High availability
  • 24×7 monitoring of platform AND application
  • 15 minute response to emergency situations
  • Proactive security patching
  • Additional support to undertake ad-hoc tasks

Full details of our AWS Management package can be found here.

We started by taking over the ongoing management of Bunting’s existing platform that was still with a traditional hosting company. Whilst managing the existing platform, we assisted with a database schema migration to maximise the potential of the hardware they were contracted to.

At the same time we designed and built Bunting’s new infrastructure that was to be hosted on AWS.


In-between the design and build we set up database replication to AWS to ease the transition over to the newly built infrastructure.

Once the new environment was completed we worked with Bunting to test the application on the new infrastructure and application stack to make sure it fulfilled all of the specified requirements. After everything worked perfectly, we scheduled the migration on an evening that was predicted to be quiet. The migration was a success, and Bunting had a lovely new robust platform!

The Results

The database schema migration made Bunting’s existing platform temporarily able to cope with demand. This allowed us time to build an AWS environment that would allow for the Bunting application to be far more responsive and under less stress, eventually allowing the platform to auto-scale. It must be noted that financially the package Bunting took with us was comparable to their solution at the traditional hosting company.

Bunting’s move to AWS has been beneficial to both them and their customers. Their application responds to requests three times quicker than previously, whilst at the same time being at less than half the load of the previous solution.

Web transactions time before our involvement:


Web transactions time after moving to our AWS package: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.20.49

As an extension of their team we’re working to bring modern development workflows and the latest technologies to the Bunting service. Working closely together and having a strong level of trust has proven what can be achieved in a very short amount of time.

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