Evermix is a brand new streaming platform that aims to revolutionise the way DJs connect with their fans.

A perfect combination of hardware and software is what makes the Evermix platform a breeze to use. DJs simply plug the Evermix DJ MixBox into the back of any standard mixer, then connect it to their smart phones, recording the mix directly into the DJ app. Once the mix has been recorded it can be posted up on the Evermix website for fans to listen back to.

Fans can also get involved with the consumer app that has a load of social network elements, so that everyone can get in on the mix…

Check out the website for more DJ mixes and for a new dance music listening experience.

The Brief

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 07.53.31Evermix is an online streaming platform, hosted with AWS, allowing DJs connect with their fans.

As a rapidly developing business, Evermix were looking for an operations partner to manage their growing infrastructure, including 24×7 monitoring with rapid response to emergency situations, bolstering their in-house team.

They required their infrastructure to be written as code (rather than manually building their infrastructure) so they could benefit from autoscaling and multi-zone high availability for their online platform.

On top of this, Evermix were looking to embrace the DevOps philosophy to enable them to continuously deploy code updates, reducing the time taken to deploy new features and bug fixes.

The Solution

Managed-DevOpsAfter reviewing Evermix’s requirements, we proposed our Managed DevOps package.

The principal benefits of this are:

  • 24×7 monitoring with 15 minute response to emergency situations.
  • Built in resilience at every level, with resources spread between multiple availability zones and correctly set up for replication and failover.
  • Autoscaling in line with demand, meaning Evermix never pay for more resources than they need, but also have additional capacity available when they need it – and all automated.
  • Application level monitoring using NewRelic APM, to provide detailed metrics about bottlenecks within the application.
  • Continuous testing and delivery, providing automatic, repeatable deployments to staging and production environments allowing them to respond to marketing conditions more quickly, releasing new features to market more frequently.

Full details of our Managed DevOps package can be found here.

The Results

Steamhaus immediately took over the 24×7 monitoring of Evermix’s application, freeing them of the burden of having to respond to incidents affecting the application.

We now act as part of Evermix’s technical team, providing operations support to their developers.

The next part of the process is for us to work with Evermix to rebuild the application’s environment so it can benefit from autoscaling, high availability and all the other fantastic benefits of the DevOps philosophy.

"It was clear from the start that Steamhaus knew exactly what they were talking about. They understood our product, our challenges and knew how to fix them. We felt they were the best provider to supply us with a powerful, resilient solution.”