LastMileXchange are a fast growth startup within the Telco industry - their access pricing solutions are used by over 50% of the world's leading carriers, including Verizon, Vodafone and BT.

They provide a suite of innovative web-based products and solutions for telecom carriers to optimise and automate the process for pre and post sales pricing, procurement, ordering, provisioning and management of local access circuits and networks. The products cover: building and network mapping, access pricing and quotation workflow management tools, and reverse auction procurement systems.

The Brief

LastMileXchange contacted Steamhaus as their deployment and management of servers was manual, time-consuming, and  distracting the development team away from focussing on new product and feature development. This in turn was having an impact on the pace at which LMX could grow the business and keep up with customer demand.

The Solution

Steamhaus built an autoscaling EC2 and serverless platform and migrated LMX’s full suite of applications. We also implemented Jenkins CI/CD pipelines for deployments and introduced more automation in the format of using Terraform for Infrastructure as code.

The Results

The solution Steamhaus delivered automates deployment, reduces time for the deployment and management of servers, and streamlines builds of environments for new customers.

Steamhaus are also supporting this solution to give LastMileXchange the peace of mind of 24/7 support and a trusted partner to manage the day to day operations of their infrastructure. This gives LastMileXchange the freedom to focus on their clients and free up their developers to focus on new products and features, and meeting customer expectations.