Launchpad simplify recruitment through automation and AI. Their recruitment automation and video interviewing platform helps businesses transform their candidate journey and future-proof their recruitment strategy.

The Brief

Launchpad Recruits provide a video recruitment platform which has seen a huge increase in demand due to business growth, and COVID-19 restrictions making face to face interviews impossible.

One of Launchpad’s clients, the UK Government’s HMRC department, had a quota of 10,000 new hires to meet in order to process the furloughed staff applications. At the time, scaling and reliability issues in the existing infrastructure were having a detrimental impact on existing clients and potentially affecting the reputation of the business with new, high profile clients.

Launchpad approached Steamhaus to design and build a new cloud-native platform on AWS, and migrate them away from their existing Engine Yard infrastructure, which was no longer fit for purpose. The new platform needed to be highly secure, resilient, performant, and able to scale seamlessly in line with the expected growth of the business. It also needed to include DevOps best practices (including automated CICD pipelines) to enable Launchpad to accelerate their product and feature development lifecycles.

The Solution

Steamhaus redesigned and rebuilt the infrastructure on AWS in line with the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The cloud-native platform incorporates containers, serverless, and CI/CD tooling; using services such as Fargate and ECS, CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. These, in conjunction with the ongoing managed services from Steamhaus, will allow for faster deployments and for a deeper focus on new product delivery rather than infrastructure management. We also supported the internal teams in migrating the workloads and data across to the new platform.

The Results

The AWS infrastructure is focused on being as performant as possible while being optimised for cost, security, and scaling to handle the anticipated 10 million + applications expected in the coming year.