Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning are a global provider of innovative personalised selection and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations (including NHS, Pfizer, and Adidas).

They design and deliver cutting-edge products based on an integrated suite of digital psychometric resources, qualifying and supporting a global community of practitioners specialising in organisational transformation.

The Brief

Lumina contacted Steamhaus to partner with them in modernising their application environments and migrating their infrastructure to AWS cloud.

Lumina had begun developing a microservices-based architecture alongside their legacy monolithic architecture. As the development of new services that support their products progressed, they came to Steamhaus for expertise that could help them to architect solutions using best-of-breed technologies and in line with best practices.

The primary objective was to consolidate all of the hosting infrastructure, which was deployed across Rackspace & Heroku, whilst simultaneously improving the architecture by removing any single points of failure and adding high availability & elasticity.

They also wanted to take advantage of services within AWS to help them introduce zero-downtime deployments and alongside this, there was a desire within the development team to leverage Docker to deliver new microservices quickly.

The Solution

Steamhaus built an autoscaling ECS platform with Terraform infrastructure as code, with Puppet and GitLab CI for CI/CD. We then supported the internal customer team through migration of the workloads and data to the new platform.

The Results

As a result, Lumina are now able to deploy faster and focus on product development, whilst having complete confidence in the uptime and performance of their customer solutions. They have also seen a decrease in costs and a significant reduction in time spent managing infrastructure since moving to AWS.