Outcider's online application offers concise media intelligence from news, social and political data, via alerts and reports.

The Brief

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 07.53.01Outcider‘s online application offers concise media intelligence from news, social and political data, via alerts and reports. Outcider were looking for an operations partner to look after their growing infrastructure, including 24×7 monitoring with rapid response to emergency situations.

Their current platform did not benefit from any of AWS’s autoscaling or multi-zone high availability functionality so they were looking to have their infrastructure written as code so they could benefit from this important and powerful functionality for their online platform, as during peak times it was slowing down considerably due to the increasing number of outbound requests to various APIs that their application makes.

The Solution

Managed-DevOpsAfter reviewing Outcider’s requirements, we proposed our Managed DevOps package.

The principal benefits of this are:

  • 24×7 monitoring with 15 minute response to emergency situations.
  • Built in resilience at every level, with resources spread between multiple availability zones and correctly set up for replication and failover.
  • Autoscaling in line with demand, meaning Outcider never pay for more resources than they need, but also have additional capacity available when they need it – and all automated.
  • Application level monitoring using NewRelic APM, to provide detailed metrics about bottlenecks within the application.

Full details of our Managed DevOps package can be found here.

The Results

Steamhaus immediately took over the 24×7 monitoring of the Outcider application, freeing them of the burden of having to respond to incidents affecting the application.

We performed detailed analysis to determine the cause of occasional crashes in their application, and worked with the developer to fix this.

Once the platform was stabilised we completed a rebuild of the underlying architecture, to enable it to autoscale on the AWS platform, scaling horizontally with demand.  The net effect of this being the application performs well at all times, but Outcider save money during quieter periods when demand is low.

We now act as Outcider’s operational team providing full support for their online application.

"At Outcider we have struggled to find anyone to look after this side of our business so when Daniel told us what he was planning and the team he was pulling together it made perfect sense to outsource to Steamhaus. We’ve worked with the guys before and know them to be trustworthy, extremely competent and professional. In additional to this we are working with a company that knows who we are and what we do."