is the easiest way for someone to start their own internet radio station. They provide a full set of tools that enable users to connect with their listeners wherever they are.

They onboarded over two thousand stations within their first 12 months, and are continuing to grow exponentially.

The Brief

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 14.13.22 came to us when they wanted to upgrade their existing solution. They were looking for expertise that would compliment and enhance their existing internal technical resource.

Although the current platform was functioning well, were looking to take it to the next level. They wanted an environment that hosted the ‘brain’ of their system, with auto-scalability and redundancy. With over 5000 requests per minute to their application, a reliable and robust environment was key.

Ensuring consistent uptime was also hugely important to, because if they go down, their clients’ stations go down too and their listeners can’t connect. They’re responsible for the whole end to end experience.

Finally, were looking for an experienced technical team to partner with that could quickly get to grips with their complex application.

The Solution

After discussions with to understand their requirements and concerns, we proposed our AWS Management package, with a view to moving into a full DevOps mindset.

The principal benefits of our AWS Management package are:

  • Configuring and management of an auto-scaling environmentAWS_management
  • AWS cost management
  • Configuring infrastructure as code
  • High availability
  • 24×7 monitoring of platform AND application
  • 15 minute response to emergency situations
  • Proactive security patching
  • Additional support to undertake ad-hoc tasks

Full details of our AWS Management package can be found here.

We moved the core of’s platform over to AWS. This ensured that the issues and instability they were experiencing is less likely to happen in the future. By utilising multiple AWS availability zones we were able to provide a solution that runs seamlessly across multiple locations, resulting in consistent high availability.

As well as moving to AWS, we set up a Slack channel so we could be in direct contact with’s dev team. Using Slack means that communicating is quick and easy, resulting in us having more time to focus on development.

The Results

As a result of their new environment, were in a perfect position to grow quickly. This is hugely important to startups with such high growth potential, and were no exception.

Soon after working with us here at Steamhaus, began a major PR campaign to raise awareness and get even more people to use their platform. They now process around 230 million public requests per month (5k a minute, 7k including private traffic), making full use of AWS’s auto-scaling platform that we built.

We consider ourselves an extension of’s technical team and work with them in an ongoing manner to continually improve (CI) their product offering. This means that we’re able to recommend new technologies that would improve performance or increase cost efficiencies as they become available.

"The guys at Steamhaus have got a really good working knowledge of all the different aspects that encompass Amazon Web Services and how they all correlate and link together. This is really fundamental when building a solution like

"Since working with Steamhaus we are completely sold on AWS and the DevOps philosophy. They have delivered above and beyond, and is now a much faster platform, it's incredibly scalable, and also highly available."