Regatta is a family-owned company that prides itself on providing value for money clothing for any outdoor environment. With an unparalleled reputation in the outdoor clothing market and knowledge and skills learned from decades of steady growth, Regatta is uniquely positioned to supply the promotional and corporatewear industry with outdoor uniforms and apparel.

With a fantastic reputation for quality and value, the Regatta consumer base has grown consistently with more and more customers happy with the look and performance of the entire range.

Regatta continues to grow and expand into Europe.


The Brief

Steamhaus first spoke with the Regatta team when they attended a Magento event we hosted in our event space.

Regatta’s ecommerce workload was hosted on AWS prior to Steamhaus’ input—a development agency created a green field Magento 2 build out. However, they were experiencing performance and reliability problems, particularly in high-traffic situations.

Regatta were keen to further build out their internal development and operations functions, and needed an architecture that would better suit their roadmap. They needed a team to look after their environment, fixing and resolving issues before they had any impact on the website.

The Solution

Steamhaus is hugely experienced with designing and building very high traffic architectures, so we used a combination of that experience, performance testing, and the latest developments in the AWS platform and Magento to settle on a design that not only scaled, but offered business agility.

As well as engaging Steamhaus in this migration project, Regatta engaged a new Magento development partner. We began discussions with all three parties to gather requirements and understand the separation of responsibilities—and the touch points between. Perfect communication is key at this stage of a project.

With a limited level of access to the existing infrastructure, we spent a number of days reverse engineering the existing AWS account and Magento deployment. We then began identifying specific tasks which were sized, prioritised, and added to our Kanban management system backlog.

Regatta—like many global brands with a web presence in many territories—had a requirement to redirect end users in certain countries to the relevant local website. They were using a Javascript based solution for this, which was causing problems. Steamhaus designed a serverless solution utilising [email protected], which pushed the complexity out of the application and took advantage of CloudFront’s built-in geolocation capabilities.

Regatta’s Magento implementation, like most, places very high network traffic demands on Redis for configuration caching. Taking advantage of some of the developments in the latest version of Magento 2 Enterprise, Steamhaus were able to horizontally scale Redis read traffic across many nodes within an Elasticache Relication Group, resulting in higher performance and better cost efficiency.

As well as end user and regression testing undertaken by Regatta, Steamhaus wrote a performance testing suite using Locust. The test suite was executed via many parallel Lambda invocations simulating a high traffic sale. This highlighted a number of stress points which were addressed and retested.

The Results

Following the launch of the new infrastructure, the considerably improved response time—in conjunction with the benefits of an effective CICD process—resulted in higher sales.

our CI/CD process has allowed regatta to have numerous releases to production per day

The automated nature of the architecture has allowed Regatta to continually improve the existing stores and launch three new stores on the platform in very little time.

As a result of the success of this project, Regatta have opted to move their internal systems to our management

We continue to support the Magento infrastructure 24/7, as well as working on improvements and new requirements from Regatta. As a result of the success of this project, Regatta have opted to move their internal systems to our management, and work begins on the project in the coming weeks.

We are one of the largest outdoor groups in Europe with a portfolio of brands – Regatta, Craghoppers, Dare 2b and Hawkshead - operating independently. We have seen dramatic growth over the last few years and have adapted the business to a multi-channel sales approach with further ambitious expansion plans. Steamhaus understood our particular needs and came up with innovative solutions for us to achieve them. We share common values with them of which great relationships and an entrepreneurial approach are key.

We get calls from technical companies all the time, but it is Steamhaus that have nailed it for us and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.