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Pipelines. Pipelines Everywhere

Paul reviews an example pipeline for releasing a NodeJS application to AWS ECS and then dives into the related tooling and concepts.

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Why we’re using OKRs to manage our growth

An article about how we've embraced OKRs to plan, manage, track and celebrate our objectives, growth and achievements as a company, and how it might help other companies to adopt a similar approach.

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AWS re:Invent – Sean’s breakdown of the headline announcements

Sean writes about the major announcements to come out of AWS's annual tech conference in Las Vegas, re:Invent.

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Site Reliability Engineering

A lot of people are aware of site reliability engineering—but what exactly is it?

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Making the case for DevOps – how to successfully implement a long-term strategy

Dan makes the case for DevOps and how to implement it as part of a long-term strategy.

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AWS’ James Hamilton explains their custom hardware and network

James Hamilton gave a talk at AWS re:Invent 2016, explaining the finer details of the AWS hardware and network.

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