Cloud Migration

Whether you're going from physical-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud, our team will manage the transition on your behalf, taking away the headache associated with this challenging and critical time for your business.

let us do the heavy lifting

There’s obviously a lot of planning and stress involved in moving a complex web application or site (or sites) and it’s a massive distraction for a business.

Our team of Cloud Architects will guide you through the entire process of inventory-gathering of the current platform, architecture of the new platform, and then the actual move.

We can either act in an advisory capacity or perform the entire move on your behalf.

a typical timeline

To give you an idea of the process involved, here’s a typical timeline of a cloud migration. Obviously every project is different and has particular intricacies but this shows our general approach:

setup timeline

We’d obviously tailor this to the requirements of your individual project.

just-a-cloudHow it’s priced

We can work on a one-off consultancy basis, where we’ll price according to the number of days we expect the project to take – at a fixed cost.

As part of our proposal process, we’d investigate your current setup and come up with initial recommendations and a recommended architecture and also estimate your expected charges on the destination cloud platform.