Cloud Operations Review

The Cloud Operations Review is designed to help customers identify gaps in their approach to operating in the cloud.

Originating from a set of operational best practices, this program provides you with a review of your cloud operations and the associated management processes.

What’s a Cloud Operations review?

The program focuses on preparing, monitoring, operating, and optimizing cloud-based systems.

Cloud Operations reviews can help organizations continuously evolve their operational practices. They can address issues related to:

  • Patching & state configuration
  • Monitoring & logging
  • Business alignment
  • Operational Reporting
  • Change management
  • Release outages
  • Environment management

What is the difference between a Cloud Operations Review & a Well Architectured Review?

The Cloud Operations Review aligns to AWS Operational best practices. It differs from a Well Architectured Review by focusing on the organisation as a whole, not a specific workload.

What are the benefits?

The Cloud Operations Review gives you a holistic view of your operations approach. Customers get the ability to support, develop and run workloads effectively, gaining insight into operations to continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to deliver business value.

How does it work?

It typically takes up to half a day to complete and is free of charge.

On completion of the review we produce a findings report, detailing customer-impacting events, AWS remediation steps and recommended customer actions to help mitigate future risk.