DevOps philosophy has become a fundamental working practice for any organisation embracing digital transformation.

A facilitator of Agile development, it allows businesses to respond quickly to market changes – allowing them to deploy and update applications 46x more frequently. It also helps them recover from failure 96x faster.


This philosophy has streamlined the development, testing and operations processes by, in effect, bringing them together. Greater use of automation means working environments are replicated at each step, saving a huge amount of time.

With greater consistency being delivered at stage, there is also greater assurance of quality – providing businesses with the confidence to push code into production without delay.

The result? Ideas are turned into reality faster.

Rather than release updates every six months, they happen daily. And, at the same time, any problems can be resolved more easily.


Deploying and updating apps at this speed, will require organisations to scale up their infrastructure as they go. The elasticity afforded by cloud provisioning is, therefore, vital to the DevOps approach.

It would be impossible to maintain daily updates if organisations were required to procure hardware every time workload increased.

In a public cloud environment, organisations can deploy infrastructure immediately without having to worry about capacity issues or the costly over provisioning of hardware.

Why engage a consultancy to help?

Although public cloud offerings deliver significant advantages, creating a solid architecture in these environments is complicated and involves more than a small amount of engineering nous.

Management tools also need to be deployed to maintain control of an expanding infrastructure.

It can take time to build and nurture the in-house skills needed to deploy safely within public cloud environments, such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. This can eat up organisational resource, and distract your team from their main focus – the development of feature rich products and services that will benefit your customers.

What’s more, looking after the operational side (monitoring and maintenance) of business-critical platforms requires engineers to be available 24×7 for any service-affecting issues.

Why Steamhaus?

With our customer-centric approach, we’ll become your complete outsourced operations partner, working closely with your in-house team.

We’re a team of certified engineers with a massive amount of experience in the server hosting industry. As a consultancy, we tailor solutions to suit you. We don’t try and make you fit into pre-existing boxes or the packages offered by hosting companies, we create bespoke packages that precisely meet your individual needs.

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Our services

Our AWS Management package which comes with 24×7 Support and Monitoring is a full suite of services where we’ll architect and build your infrastructure, and then support and monitor it. Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on what you do best.

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