Steamhaus' Foundations for AWS

Accelerate and derisk your modernisation and digital transformation projects with Steamhaus Foundations: a best-of-breed AWS Cloud Native platform.

What is Steamhaus’ Foundations for AWS?

Steamhaus’ Foundations for AWS is a best-practice-driven AWS deployment in which customers can run their workloads.

It’s built around AWS’ five Well-Architected pillars:

Foundations for AWS incorporates thousands of hours of development work to make a battle-hardened, tried and tested way to accelerate the beginning of an infrastructure build project for customers.

Business benefits of Steamhaus AWS Foundations:

  • Cut re-platforming and migration project timescales by ~70% (e.g. from 12 weeks to 4 weeks).
  • Get new products and features to market faster by accelerating development team velocity and throughput.
  • Give certainty and confidence to customers, partners, and management with a robust and highly secure platform.
  • Deliver great customer experience to anyone, anywhere, at any time with highly scalable and resilient global infrastructure.
  • Fixed price, guaranteed outcome, with the certainty of a battle-hardened, production-ready base on which to build your platform.

How is it delivered?

Steamhaus Foundations for AWS is aimed at customers wanting to accelerate the deployment of a digital transformation project. It typically forms the basis for all of our project-based work.

As part of the consulting engagement, Steamhaus will first assess your workloads’ current state in order to generate an understanding of your specific requirements for operating on AWS.

Our consultants will then deploy an AWS infrastructure that aligns with the best-practice principles of security, performance, resilience, operations excellence, and cost optimisation.

A typical project timeline will look like this:


Foundational Architecture

In line with AWS’ best practices for Well-Architected infrastructure, Foundations is based on the architecture shown below:

Features of Steamhaus AWS Foundations:

  • Secure by design: PCI DSS and CIS benchmark compliant.
  • Continuously iterated and updated.
  • Designed in compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • Fully automated creation and management of development, test and production environments delivering significant time and cost efficiencies and minimising errors, this ensures maximum and quick disaster recovery and an extremely fast deployment to any global location (US, APAC, etc) if required.
  • Fully automated software releases to production accelerating the speed, frequency and quality of deployments, as well as incident recovery.
  • Automated CI/CD pipelines built-in.
  • Includes ECS/EKS, Fargate, Code* (Build/Pipeline/Deploy), Terraform IaC, Terraform Cloud, Checkov, etc.