KINSHIP, our partnership-based ethos

To us you’re not just another number. With us it’s a KINSHIP.

KINSHIP: our partnership-based ethos

We’re steadfastly passionate about forming close working relationships with our customer. We call it a Kinship. It sounds like marketing bollocks but it’s really not – it’s the entire ethos that drives us, and this is how we achieve it:

small is beautiful

We wanted to create the sort of consultancy that meant customers would get the benefits of a small team that know their solution and company intimately.

We’re not about to scale to a massive, faceless hosting company where customers are just numbers.

communication is key

Part of being a small team is that you can communicate with us in a very natural, human way, without us hiding behind systems and procedures. The best example of this is inviting customers to use Slack to talk to us – what better way of being

it’s all about personal service

You’ll have a dedicated cloud architect who will lead the technical aspects of your account. They’ll be responsible for setting up your dedicated runbook covering the details of your services.

When your dedicated cloud architect is away, they’ll ensure the rest of the team give you continuity of service.


We hate it when companies keep their knowledge to themselves so that they can charge more and keep customers hooked. A very active part of our ongoing relationship with our customers is to impart our knowledge and train their technical staff on anything we’re consulting on.

We don’t want to hold you to ransom by keeping knowledge to ourselves.

our office is your office

We offer up our event space, board room and also usually have a couple of free desks for occasional drop-in use if our customers need them. Just give tom [at] a shout if you want to book any of these.

our team care because it’s their company too

Steamhaus is completely funded by its directors and staff, and not reliant on any outside or bank funding for our success.

What’s even more important is that all our staff have equity in the company, meaning they have a real interest in the company’s success and future.



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