When it comes to managing containers in the cloud, Kubernetes has fast become the go-to solution.

More than half of the Fortune 100 have already adopted this orchestration tool as a means to gain control of the growing use of Docker in app development.


Far from being a nice to have, when there is a need to manage hundreds or thousands of containers, running a tool like Kubernetes has become a necessity. The only other option would be to spend months building a solution to do the same thing.

And while there are alternatives to Kubernetes available, they lack the rich array of features available with Kubernetes – and no other solution has been so widely adopted.

The confidence shown in Kubernetes may stem from its origins – being based on Google’s internal Borg system, which has a successful history of managing containers at scale for systems like Gmail.


A crucial advantage of Kubernetes, however, is that it runs in any cloud environment – whether that’s AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or your own data centre. Public or private cloud, it doesn’t matter where your cluster lives, Kubernetes can manage it.

Furthermore, it consumes less resources in the process which is a huge benefit when scaling out. It achieves this by running multiple apps in greater density on the same machine. This reduces the number of servers required and the costs involved when deploying.

Why engage a consultancy to help? 

Although Kubernetes helps manage containers, deployment in any cloud environments come with a level of complexity and this requires expertise.

It can take time to build and nurture the in-house skills needed to deploy infrastructure within environments, such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. This will not only eat up resources, it can distract your team from their main focus – developing feature rich products and services that will benefit your customers.

What’s more, looking after the operational side (monitoring and maintenance) of business-critical platforms also requires engineers to be available 24×7 for any service-affecting issues.

Why Steamhaus?

With our customer-centric approach, we’ll become your complete outsourced operations partner, working closely with your in-house team.

We’re a team of certified engineers with a massive amount of experience in the server hosting industry. As a consultancy, we won’t try and fit you into pre-existing boxes or the packages offered by hosting companies, we create bespoke solutions which precisely meet your individual needs. 
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Our Management package which comes with 24×7 Support and Monitoring is a full suite of services where we’ll architect and build your infrastructure, and then support and monitor it. Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on what you do best.
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