Magento loves public cloud

It goes without saying that Magento is the de facto e-commerce platform for online retailers.

Magento holds a quarter of the entire market for ecommerce websites; with a large community following and adopted by brands such as Nike, Samsung and Nestle.

Magento on Public Cloud is faster, more scalable, highly available, and more cost effective.

Magento is a perfect candidate to be deployed into public cloud. It’s been designed from the ground up to work on a highly available public cloud type architecture.

Traditionally it’s been deployed on old-school dedicated servers (or worse on a shared server where it’s competing for resources with other sites).

Public cloud is the best place for Magento (and in particular Magento 2) to be hosted, so much so that Magento use AWS for their own Cloud Edition.

Here’s why public cloud is so good for Magento:

Online retail isn’t a flat line

Traffic levels vary massively depending on time of year, and also throughout the day. A traditional dedicated server approach means that your site will either slow down during busy periods (or worse, fall over completely), or you have to buy so much extra capacity to cater for these occasions that you’re wasting money for huge periods of time when that capacity isn’t needed.

Here’s where AWS autoscaling can help. Your application will automatically scale-up to the correct amount of resource required, shrinking back down automatically when the additional resources are no longer needed.

Why engage a consultancy to help?

The power and flexibility of public cloud comes with complexity. To deploy it correctly requires time and expertise.

Having the in-depth skills needed to deploy and manage Magento on AWS in-house is costly and distracting from your main focus of developing the online experience for your customers.

What’s more, looking after the operational side (monitoring and maintenance) of a business-critical platform requires engineers to be available 24×7 for any service-affecting issues.

Why Steamhaus?

With our customer-centric approach, we’ll become your complete outsourced operations partner, working closely with your in-house team.

We’re a team of AWS-certified engineers with a massive amount of experience in the server hosting industry. As a consultancy, rather than a hosting company, we’re much better placed to work with you on an individual basis, rather than trying to fit you into a box or hosting package.
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Our services

Our AWS Management package which comes with 24×7 Support and Monitoring is a full suite of services where we’ll architect and build your infrastructure, and then support and monitor it. Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on what you do best.
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Our reference architecture

Here’s our typical architecture for a Magento deployment. It’s:

  • Highly available (HA). There’s failover or active-active load balancing at every part of the architecture, deployed between two availability zones.
  • Autoscaling. Both the front-end varnish layer and the web layer have autoscaling configured, meaning you’ll never lose business because your web servers got overloaded.
  • Globally distributed. Using a CDN, static content is served locally to your visitors worldwide, reducing page load times and also reducing the load on your AWS infrastructure.
  • Secure. We use every possible best practice to ensure your application is secure from all known types of cyber-attack.
  • Cost-effective. Our extensive experience with AWS ensures that your application will only ever use the resources it needs at that time, keeping costs as low as possible.


Of course every site’s needs are different and as part of our consulting process, we’d design and build the correct architecture that your site needs.