Managed DevOps

Using the DevOps philosophy to harness the full power of the cloud means faster product improvements and releases and a better customer experience.

You’ll improve your code deployment times, and your website or app will be intelligently auto-scaling and highly available.


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DevOps is a philosophy that combines Development, Operations and Quality Assurance. Companies that incorporate DevOps practices get more done by deploying code far more frequently and more accurately.

In a DevOps environment there’s one team including developers, QA, DBAs and operations engineers.

DevOps integration targets product delivery, quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles. Many of the ideas (and people) involved in DevOps came from the enterprise systems management and agile software development movements.

What is Steamhaus Managed DevOps?

Our Managed DevOps product means that we become your complete operations partner. You’ll rely on us to look after every aspect of the infrastructure that underpins your site or application.

We’ll use tools to automate every possible aspect of your environment, meaning that you get all the benefits of true cloud hosting. Your code release times will be dramatically reduced and your infrastructure will be automatically scaleable and repeatable.

What Do you get?

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  1. Infrastructure Orchestration
  2. Configuration Management
  3. Deployment Automation
  4. Log Management
  5. Monthly Solution Report
  6. Application performance monitoring and response
  7. Centralised Log Analysis
  8. Continuous Delivery and Testing

Benefits of Steamhaus Managed DevOps

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Your DevOps Cloud Architect will design your solution to be highly available at all levels, spreading resources across availability zones and/or regions based on uptime and recovery objectives.

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Your DevOps Cloud Architect will design and implement autoscaling policies to ensure that your application automatically reacts to peaks in demand, provisioning and terminating additional capacity as demand dictates.

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Your DevOps Cloud Architect will deploy and manage NewRelic APM (Application Performance Monitor).

Providing detailed application response times, end-to-end transaction tracing, code-level visibility and performance metrics of external services. We’ll respond to any highlighted  performance bottlenecks and work with your developers to resolve them.

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It’s not just about monitoring and maintaining what you’ve already got. Your Cloud Architect can enhance your solution’s design and performance. Or design a new one. Whether it’s scaling upwards, re-architecting or adding resilience, that’s what we’re here for.

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We’ll proactively patch your operating system when security updates are released. We’ll also scan your websites regularly for vulnerabilities and malware, and if we find anything that shouldn’t be there, we’ll fix it.

We’ll perform security scans and take a look at your firewall rules to find any holes in your server(s) with recommendations on how they can be fixed.

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Because of our team’s intimate knowledge of your setup, we’ll be on-hand to help you with other areas that you need assistance.

Our extensive knowledge of the technologies surrounding the world of DevOps means we’ll be able to add value to your business wherever you need it.

Steamhaus is your KINSHIP in the cloud

Steamhaus is provider-agnostic so your solution can be hosted with your preferred public cloud provider like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

Our Managed DevOps service can also work alongside existing solutions.  We can take over the management of existing servers hosted elsewhere if your current provider isn’t looking after you properly.

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What's included in our DevOps packages?

The consultancy-led nature of our service means that you don’t have to be tied to a package, we can build-in or build-out features based on your requirements. However here are the common features you’ll find in all our Managed DevOps packages.

Feature Details
Named DevOps Cloud Architect Yes
24x7x365 Emergency support Yes, with 15 minute response
24x7x365 monitoring of your solution Yes
Dedicated account manager Yes
Bespoke runbook Yes
Monthly solution report Yes