Managed SysOps

A more comprehensive approach to server management.

Spend more time running your business and not managing your servers. Our experienced cloud architects will look after every aspect of your application or website operations and the servers that underlie them.

It becomes a true Kinship between us.

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What is Managed SysOps?

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Our managed SysOps offering is the right solutions for businesses who want the day-to-day running of their application or website to be taken care of. Our expert team handles all the details for you. Steamhaus is provider-independent so your solution can be hosted with us on our SteamCloud platform, with a cloud provider like AWS or Google, or even with a local server hosting provider if you prefer.

Our managed SysOps service can also work alongside existing solutions. We can take over the management of existing servers hosted elsewhere if your current provider isn’t looking after you properly.

— The philosophy of SysOps is monitor, manage, maintain

Benefits of Steamhaus Managed SysOps

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We’ll monitor your services 24×7, both proactively to ward off potential failures, and reactively for unexpected errors that have an adverse effect on your website or application.

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We’ll proactively patch your operating system when security updates are released. We’ll also scan your websites regularly for vulnerabilities and malware, and if we find anything that shouldn’t be there, we’ll fix it.

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It’s not just about monitoring and maintaining what you’ve already got. Our team of cloud architects can enhance your solution’s design and performance. Or design a new one. Whether it’s scaling upwards, re-architecting or adding resilience, that’s what we’re here for.

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Managed SysOps includes a number of monthly credits for on-demand services that you can request when you need them. Things like in-depth security scans, help moving a site, setting up backups or doing test restores, or simply a one-off consultation with an engineer for anything else they can help you with.

Steamhaus is your KINSHIP in the cloud

Our partnership approach is perfect for creative and digital agencies, online retailers, app developers and online content publishers. Basically anyone who needs to concentrate on what they do best, rather than getting tied up with their server infrastructure.

Steamhaus isn’t just about SysOps. We’re a full service cloud consultancy offering solutions that harness the full power of the cloud. If you’re ready to move to a solution that’s autoscaling, fully fault tolerant, and extremely cost-effective, take a look at our Managed DevOps service.


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What's included in our packages

The consultancy-led nature of our service means that you don’t have to be tied to a package, we can build-in or build-out features based on your requirements. However here are the common features you’ll find in all our Managed SysOps packages.

Feature Details
Dedicated Cloud Architect Yes
Technical Staff available for emergencies 24x7 with 15 minute response
Server Monitoring 24x7
Dedicated account manager Yes
Bespoke Runbook Yes
Priced from £125 per month
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