Network Consultancy

Our team have unrivalled experience with the design, build and management of large-scale ISP and cloud network backbones.

We offer a range of network consultancy services, both one-off projects and retainer-based 'monitor-manage-maintain' packages.

Network Consultancy

We’re experienced with all things network, including vendor-specific hardware and open networking.

Our team has significant experience designing, building, maintaining and monitoring large-scale, highly-available network architectures, including networks for Internet Service Providers, large scale public cloud, IP fabric, MPLS and Optical.

Technologies we work with

Network Architectures

    • Optical & Ethernet
    • IP MPLS
    • IP Clos Fabric
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Network Function Virtualisation

Hardware Vendors

    • Juniper
    • Cisco
    • EdgeCore
    • QuantaMesh
    • Mellanox
    • Nutanix

Open Networking

    • Cumulus Linux
    • OpenDayLight
    • OpenContrail
    • VMware NSX
    • Juniper Contrail

How we can help

We’ve built and maintained a number of large scale networks over the years. Whether you’re looking for a completely new network buildout, or for us to takeover the running of an existing – Steamhaus can help.

Network Design

We will work with you to design a network most suited to your requirements.  We’ll either build or assist with the buildout.

Network Analysis

Where performance or reliability is a problem with an existing network, we’ll conduct a thorough overview of its facets and operations and make suggestions

Retainer-based monitor-manage-maintain

We’ll become your outsourced network team, looking after the day-to-day running of your network.

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