AWS has achieved General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

GDPR is a data privacy regulation that is coming into action on May 25th, 2018—and AWS services all comply.

This means that customers can deploy AWS services as a key part of their GDPR compliance plans.

In their blog post, AWS VP of Security, Chad Woolf says:

“This announcement confirms we have completed the entirety of our GDPR service readiness audit, validating that all generally available services and features adhere to the high privacy bar and data protection standards required of data processors by the GDPR. We completed this work two months ahead of the May 25, 2018 enforcement deadline in order to give customers and APN partners an environment in which they can confidently build their own GDPR-compliant products, services, and solutions.”

Plenty of businesses are finding it difficult to fully understand the regulation, so seeing AWS reach full-compliance with two months to go is great to see.

You can read the full blog post here.

SH.AAGDPRGC S01.40.22.60


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