Our ‘haus rules

So I’m not sure if this is commercial suicide or not, but I’ve decided to publish our ‘haus rules.

It’s basically our set of commandments as a company and probably not something that companies show to the outside world. In fact I think it’s probably not something most companies have, but I really don’t like those bloated employee handbooks that are meaningless, no-one reads, and don’t reflect the culture of the company.

We do have an ’employee handbook’ with all the usual legal crap you have to have as an employer, and I’m pretty sure no-one’s read it.

I would ordinarily spend ages poring over it to try to re-shape it to our culture but actually I think it’s missing the point and maybe starting with nothing and then putting something together that’s as brief as possible, is a better approach.

So collectively we came up with our ‘haus rules and responsibilities.  And here they are:

  • OUR NUMBER ONE RULE: Have you done everything you possibly can do today to make this a success?
  • Take responsibility for as much as you can. No-one is ever going to have a problem with you taking initiative and it not working out.
  • Too much hierarchy sucks…as long as you Remember this is YOUR company.
  • Positivity at all times, even in the face of overwhelming negativity.
  • Be direct and don’t let issues fester.
  • Take responsibility for stuff, don’t blame other people. People have far more respect for you that way. We’re all on the same team.
  • Don’t be a dick.
  • At events we’ll buy you a few pints, but just don’t take the piss. You’re enjoying yourself at the event too so time spent at them doesn’t count as time you can then deduct from working hours 🙂
  • Headphones = DND (unless the sandwich man is here).
  • If you’re answering the door for someone else’s meeting, greet the visitor with your name when you shake their hand. And smile. First impressions are SO IMPORTANT.
  • Rules surrounding internal meetings:
  1. Do you really need a meeting?
  2. 15 minutes by default
  3. Turn up on time
  4. No spectators
  5. Have a purpose, state it upfront
  6. Make tasks, assign them to people
  7. Don’t bring phones
  8. Only bring a computer if needed for notes or actually presenting

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them 🙂 I’d be incredibly interested to hear your thoughts and whether other companies have anything similar to this in-place and whether they publish them.



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