re:Invent: December 4th Announcements

It was a quieter day at re:Invent, with the Global Partner Summit keynote focussing on the AWS partner network. However, there’s still a couple of notable releases that may have slipped under the radar.

Check them out below:


Amplify: Amplify DataStore

Amplify DataStore is a persistent on-device storage repository for developers to write, read, and observe changes to data. It allows developers to write apps leveraging distributed data without writing additional code for offline or online scenario.

Amplify DataStore is basically AWS providing GraphQL ( for mobile applications. It can be used as a standalone local datastore for web and mobile applications, with no connection to the cloud. However, when used with a cloud backend, Amplify DataStore transparently synchronizes data with an AWS AppSync API when network connectivity is available.

Read more here:

Amplify: iOS & Android SDKs

Exactly what it says on the tin 🙂

More info about iOS SDKs is here:

More info about Android SDKs is here:

That’s it for Amplify—3 big announcements, all focussed on broadening Amplify’s capabilities for mobile applications.

HTTP APIs for Amazon API Gateway (preview)

HTTP APIs is a new type of API Gateway. It focuses on delivering enhanced features, improved performance, and an easier developer experience for customers building with API Gateway.

The first phase has been launched already, and it’ll continue to be enhanced over the coming months.

There’s also a new pricing model for HTTP APIs that better represents customer patterns. Staying true to AWS’ serverless principles, you will only pay for the requests you receive.

Learn more here:

Partner Network Announcements

Consultancy Partner Announcements

APN Immersion Days provides APN Partners a repeatable model, reusable content, and automated tools for a set of technical workshops that have been shown to be a valuable customer engagement motion with AWS’ own commercial teams.

APN Immersion Days are a benefit to APN Advanced and Premier tier Consulting Partners. Partners at these levels will be able to make use of various AWS-branded content built for various AWS services and solutions.

We’re excited about this one at Steamhaus—anything that helps brings value to our customers gets a big thumbs up from us.

Read more here:

Technology Partner Announcements

The APN Global Startup Programme has been launched. This is a dedicated go-to-market (GTM) program for eligible Startup APN Technology Partners. It’s tailored for fast-scaling global startups to provide the resources they need to grow their cloud-based businesses.

Read more about the APN Global Startup Programme here:

The AWS Service Ready Programme has also been announced. This is a new way for AWS customers to identify if a tool or application will integrate with AWS services running in their cloud environment.

Learn more about the AWS Service Ready Programme here:

New Competencies

The AWS Retail Competency has been announced. This is for retail customers looking for highly specialised APN Partners offering retail technology on AWS.

Learn more about the AWS Retail Competency here:

Also announced is the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency. This is so AWS customers can quickly identify top-tier APN Consulting Partners who identify, build, and implement technology offerings aimed at improving organisational capacity to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies and disasters, globally. 

Read more about the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency here:

Marketplace Improvements

A simplified fee structure has been announced. Starting in Q1 2020, sellers with a public listing in AWS Marketplace will have a simplified fee structure and reduced listing fees when an offer is extended through Seller Private Offers.

Learn more here:

Also announced is Discovery API—a new API created for select partners. This new feature enables sellers and data providers to curate a narrow set of third-party software and data products by integrating the AWS Marketplace catalogue into their web properties. 

Read more about Discovery API here:

A much quieter day than yesterday!

Our next post will cover Werner Vogels’ keynote and include a full round-up of re:Invent. We’ll cover the announcements we’re most excited about and give a nice overview of re:Invent as a whole.

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