Steamhaus at the AWS Summit London

Last week we were at the AWS Summit London, talking to businesses about everything from the Well-Architected Framework to DevOps.

As well as having a stand where we talked to a huge amount of people, we took the majority of our tech team down to attend the various talks and presentations. Stand out talks for the team included “What to do with a million cores”, and “High-performance computing on AWS.”

Jacob—one of the latest members of our SRE team, attended the Summit in only his second week at Steamhaus. Since the Summit, he’s been getting to grips with AWS FSx Luster. This is a scaleable, high-performance filesystem designed for high-performance computing on the public cloud; an area that interests Jacob massively.

The highlight of the show for Steamhaus was Phil talking on stage alongside Philip Fitzsimons, the leader of the AWS Well-Architected team. Phil spoke about the Well-Architected Framework, using our work with Kano Computing as a case study of a successful Well-Architected Review.

You can check out the “Are You Well Architected?” presentation in its entirety below. Phil sashays fantastically onstage at the 12-minute mark, but the whole video is definitely worth a watch:

We all had a great time at the Summit, and will no doubt be there again in 2020.

If you fancy a chat about anything SRE, AWS, or Well-Architected, do get in touch below.

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