Steamhaus Selects SignalFx to Enable Observability Across its Client Portfolio

SignalFx, the leader in real-time monitoring and observability for cloud infrastructure and microservices, today announced a partnership with UK-based cloud and DevOps consultancy Steamhaus to help Steamhaus meet the monitoring needs across its client portfolio. By enabling observability as a service, SignalFx will allow Steamhaus to better assist its customers in accelerating their adoption of leading-edge technologies including microservices, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless computing.

“Steamhaus is committed to adding value to our customers—and helping them drive forward their businesses—by investing in innovation, expertise, and continuous improvement,” said Rob Greenwood, technical director, Steamhaus. “Partnering with SignalFx is a perfect example of this investment. We have now added best-of-breed, enterprise-class cloud monitoring to our 24/7 managed service.”

Headquartered in Manchester, England, Steamhaus specialises in cloud, DevOps, AWS system architecture, scalability, and security. After an extensive evaluation, Steamhaus chose to standardise its client base on SignalFx Infrastructure Monitoring. Steamhaus’ decision was based on a number of key capabilities provided by SignalFx:

  • Built-in integrations for Kubernetes, Docker and serverless architectures—with out-of-the-box dashboards for monitoring these ephemeral environments—enable faster time to value for Steamhaus clients
  • Leading observability features like SignalFx Service Bureau and Mirrored Dashboards provide Steamhaus with the ability to more easily create and maintain a centralised observability service across its client base
  • An officially-certified SignalFx Terraform provider allows Steamhaus to programmatically create, manage, and version control SignalFx charts, dashboards, and detectors for clients
  • Real-time alerting provides Steamhaus with proactive insight into service-wide patterns, helping to instantly identify anomalies within its clients’ infrastructure and remediate issues

With patented SignalFlow™ streaming analytics technology, SignalFx Infrastructure Monitoring provides real-time visibility and analytics-driven alerting for today’s elastic cloud-native environments. SignalFx is the only infrastructure monitoring solution that can detect and alert on meaningful conditions within seconds, allowing teams to automatically remediate issues before customers are affected.

“In order to deliver the best possible experience for customers and outpace the competition, it’s essential for today’s organisations to adopt leading-edge technologies like microservices and containers,” said Mark Cranney, COO, SignalFx. “With centralised observability from SignalFx, Steamhaus gives its clients the confidence and ability to do just that. We are excited to be partnering with one of the most well-respected and technically strong cloud managed service providers in the UK.”

We’re incredibly happy to be working with SignalFx and are pleased to announce the partnership.

On the 19th September at 14:00 we’re hosting a webinar which will outline how our customers will benefit from the partnership. You can sign up to join here:

SH.SSSTEOAICP S01.31.77.68


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