Tom joins us aboard the good ship Steamhaus

Steamhaus has been busy. So busy in fact that we’ve brought a fresh face on board to join us in our quest to provide the most effective and efficient cloud solutions to our customers.

Rather than us go hunting for somebody new, Tom decided to single us out and make the first contact. After dazzling us with an introduction email worthy of being framed up on a wall, we decided it’d be silly of us not meet with him for a coffee and a chat.

Turns out, Tom is quite a special lad. At such a tender young age he’s already started up successful businesses that included customers like Tesla Motors, Macy’s and John Lewis. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s has also been through training to become a special constable. Now we’re lucky enough to have him as part of the Steamhaus family where he’s fitted in wonderfully and is continuing to impress us with his flair for marketing and general engagement. To say he’s a grafter would be an understatement!

“When I first got in touch with the Steamhaus team, I never really knew what I was in for. Everything is a complete step-up to the startups I’ve experienced in the past! It’s more like being part of a family than a team, and everyone is f**king top.

“Everyone in the team is hugely passionate about the work they do, and it’s reflected in the great comments businesses have about us. The amount of knowledge they all have about hosting and the cloud is huge, so I’ve had to absorb as much as I can, as quickly as possible!

“It’s my absolute pleasure to be a part of this team, and I’m looking forward to helping Steamhaus reach even bigger heights in the future.”

We’re very excited to have Tom on board and can’t wait to see what other skills he has hidden up his sleeve!

Have a read of Tom’s own thoughts about applying for a job at a startup here.

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