Who loves ISO27001?

We recently undertook the task of going for our ISO27001 (information security) accreditation and last week we passed our stage two audit!

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of working on this certification, information security is all about the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. This means taking into consideration all the occasions and different circumstances where you and your company handle information (both yours and others). Following that is the fun part of introducing processes and controls to ensure risks are either removed or mitigated as much as possible without hindering your business/sales processes.

I’m losing you aren’t I? Well, let’s leave it as we passed with a perfect score which proves we were already doing something right 😉 You can rest assured that we handle information in a very well thought-out manner with the same high level of attention that we do with everything at Steamhaus.

If you have any questions surrounding information security or the ISO27001 certification (which I’m sure you all must do) then give us a shout 🙂

PS If you’re interested, our certificate number 14282.

SH.WLI S01.56.82.23


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