Our 'Haus rules

Our ‘haus rules are the cornerstone of our culture and ethos. We know that happy, fulfilled people do great things, and our rules encourage the team to be themselves, try something different, and ultimately do great work.

The rationale and background

We’re not keen on the normal ‘staff handbook’ full of rules and regulations that companies put in place to help them treat their employees like children.

So right back when we started, we created our ‘haus rules together as our commitment to each other and our customers. We re-visit this process every year based on our learning and ever-growing experience of what works and what needs refining.

It’s basically our set of commandments as a company of how to treat each other and our customers.

It should be pointed out that we do have the ’employee handbook’ with all the usual legal stuff you have to have as an employer but it’s not something we place a lot of emphasis on and probably isn’t even looked at very often at all.

Our ‘haus rules

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Don’t leave your personal life at the door. Bring your whole self to work. We’re people, not robots.
  3. Say what you’re thinking. Be direct and honest. You’re allowed to give negative feedback (but just make sure it’s constructive).
  4. Work from home when it’s right for you.
  5. Take your holidays and don’t work. We’ll lock you out of everything if we have to. Come back refreshed.
  6. Trust that you can use your initiative at all times. You wouldn’t have been hired if you didn’t have any common sense. It’s ok to make mistakes or when things don’t go as planned.
  7. Make sure you’re here for the all hands on a monday (use google hangouts if you have to WFH on a Monday). You’re obviously excused if you’re on holiday 🙂
  8. Focus on the positives at all times (even in the face of negativity).
  9. Don’t send an email, use slack.
  10. Always add value to our customers and try to look at things from their point of view. If you haven’t added value, why?
  11. Treat the office like it’s your home. Be tidy 🙂
  12. Headphones = DND.
  13. Keep meetings to a minimum, 15 minutes by default and make sure there’s actions that come out of them. No spectators.
  14. Internal meetings are as important as external; respect them.
  15. Don’t be late and be ready if you have someone external coming into the office.