Site Reliability Engineer

Felix Edelsten

Felix is part of our Site Reliability Engineering team, and has worked in the managed hosting industry since leaving university.

Felix studied Chemistry at the University of Manchester, and his final project was titled “Synthesis of dihydro dibenzazepines”. If that doesn’t demonstrate that Felix listened in school, nothing will.

Felix also worked at the University of Manchester after attaining his degree, working as a Service Desk Analyst, and then as an Infrastructure Analyst. There he provided first-line fixes for everything from access issues to software installations, provided ongoing support to customers, and contributed to the university’s extensive knowledge base.

Following this, Felix moved to a Senior Linux Engineer position at a traditional hosting company, working on everything from web servers and database servers to building high-availability web clusters.

Outside of work, Felix tinkers with various Pi-related side-projects—when he’s not busy playing games, running, or keeping up with his Spanish. Félix es un hombre superior, and we’re incredibly happy to have him on the team.