Project Manager and Information Security Officer

Sim Hobson

Sim is Steamhaus’ Project Manager and Information Security Officer. He manages the technical workload and ensures that the information handled by Steamhaus is always treated correctly. 

Sim worked with Daniel at Melbourne, where he was mentored in the fundamentals of great customer relations: don’t try to sell customers things they don’t need, keep an eye on everything that’s going on with their account, and keep them happy.

Sim excels because he began his career in a technical position. This means that he genuinely understands the individual needs of customers, and can gather all the necessary information to ensure that the cloud architect can make any necessary changes as quickly as possible. 

Sim’s project management experience comes from his time working in a large pharmaceutical company, where he managed a wide range of technical projects.

Security and business continuity is also an area that Sim takes charge of. He ensures that we are all up to scratch when it comes to ISO27001, and can advise customers to make sure that they’re compliant too.

Sim is the chef of the office and loves nothing more than recommending which herb should go in what pasta dish. He’s half-Italian so can get away with it.