Tom Bearshaw

Tom heads up the marketing here at Steamhaus and comes from a startups background.

Prior to Steamhaus Tom owned a variety of businesses, including a SaaS company, a business consultancy, and was a Director of a safety app with over 100,000 registered users. Never wanting to pigeon-hole himself, Tom got involved in every and all aspect that come with running an early-stage company.

Tom has dealt with businesses such as Tesla Motors, Macy’s, and John Lewis, and has experienced everything from building a board of advisors to creating business plans and being in meetings regarding varying amounts of venture capital.

At Steamhaus, Tom’s incredibly varied role takes him from writing content for both our website and for other publications, coordinating events, managing social media, and generally doing everything he can to make our customers have the best experience possible. He’s also the lead enforcer of our company culture and ‘haus rules.

When he’s not working you’ll probably find Tom either at the gym lifting heavy things, or scouting Manchester for the best new places to eat.