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We love that you’re interested enough in what we do at Steamhaus to want to work with us. Having such a great team is pivotal to our continued success, and it’ll always be a top priority.

We’re happy to work with recruiters when they make our lives easier. Unfortunately, recruiters like this seem to be few and far between.

For this reason, we have some strict rules regarding who we work with. If you don’t follow these rules you and the agency you work for will be blacklisted. If you follow our rules and stand out to us in a good way, we might even talk about you to our extended network. No promises.

  1. Don’t call us. We’ll call you if we need something. Always email. If you don’t get a reply to an email it’s because we don’t want to work with you at this time.
  2. Do not send us multiple emails if you don’t get a reply. No reply = we’re not interested.
  3. If you get in touch, make sure it’s about a specific role we’re advertising for. Sending us a candidate with completely different tech skills than the role calls for is a great way to get blacklisted.
  4. Don’t incessantly call us to find out if we’ve made a decision. We’ll let you know a date we’ll be in touch by. Don’t pester.
  5. We pay no more than 15% of year 1 base salary. Non-negotiable. If you want less than that you’ll impress us.
  6. If a candidate we hire through you leaves within 12 working weeks (for any reason, including dismissal), you will find us a replacement free of charge.
  7. If we already know a candidate you introduce to us, we’ll let you know. No fee will be payable in this circumstance.
  8. Refer to bullet point 7 of our ‘haus rules.

Our email address for recruiters is hello[at] If you and the candidate come across well in your email, we’ll be in touch.

This note was adapted from the NTR Policy by Vzaar, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.