Startups and Scaleups

Steamhaus’ role as a partner that helps a startup throughout all its growth through to scaleup and beyond is important to get across: the expertise and experience of having done this for lots of other companies to accelerate and derisk growth.

The access to funding programs to remove / reduce financial challenges and cash flow issues. Working in partnership to understand your strategy and goals, so we can bring the best of breed tooling and methodologies at the right time in your growth journey.

blimpAccelerating and de-risking your journey from startup to scaleup

On the journey from startup to scaleup you face many different challenges depending on the stage you’re at. We’re best brought in at the point when your product has achieved traction in the market; you’re bringing on-board bigger, enterprise customers; and you’ve perhaps secured series A funding.

At this stage in your journey, the typical challenges are: your customers or compliance constraints are starting to mandate SLA-backed 24/7 support; the infrastructure which served you well during your MVP and early growth stages is starting to creak, and you’ve got decreasing confidence in its ability to scale to meet projected growth (let alone actually how secure it really is!); the CTO co-founder really can’t keep being woken up at 4am to fix an outage; your dev team need to be focussed entirely on building and releasing new features faster than ever; and on top of all that you’ve realised that good quality cloud and DevOps engineers are as rare as (very expensive) rocking horse shit.

Steamhaus solves all of these problems for you. We’ve got the people, processes and tooling already in place to provide enterprise class, next-generation AWS managed services – and the economies of scale to deliver it for a fraction of what it would cost you to deliver in-house. Our team brings a breadth and depth of expertise in best of breed cloud and DevOps technologies and methodologies: providing you with everything from strategy and architecture, to build and migration, to ongoing management, support, and optimisation. It also means you can be 100% confident that a platform built and managed by Steamhaus will be secure, scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient.

On your startup to scaleup journey you’ll need niche, highly-focussed partners to complement what you do in-house. We’re there to do what AWS has always called the “undifferentiated heavy lifting”: you focus on your USPs and product development and let us look after the infrastructure to enable that. You’ll find us invaluable in the design and build of new products through our expertise in cloud-native technologies such as containers and serverless. We’ll also transform your speed to market by helping you adopt modern release practices, automated deployment pipelines, and CICD tooling.

Our parternship with AWS

We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, which demonstrates not only our technical prowess, but also the intimacy of our relationship with AWS.

We’re accredited on AWS’ Well Architected program so we can deliver Well Architected Reviews to AWS customers wanting to find out improvements to be made in their current infrastructure according to AWS five pillars.

Last but by no means least, we have access to internal AWS funding programs that can help or cover the cost of a rebuild or migration of a platform.

Our consulting process

Making sure you receive the right solution is part of our raison d’etre; we follow a process to ensure nothing is missed.

consultancy process

Our architects are experts in all things cloud and have extensive knowledge in the common platforms and applications that typical app developers use.

How we’ve helped our customers: Perkbox Case Study

“Since the very beginning, we realised that we were working with very professional and talented people that are aware of the latest trends and the good practices to implement solutions on the cloud.”
– Mikel, Perkbox

Perkbox is a cloud-based employee perks and engagement platform serving business of all sizes. The platform is based on the full spectrum of employee wellbeing; financial, physical and emotional providing tailored employee benefit packages to customers.

Perkbox had selected DC/OS as the container deployment & orchestration tool, and had begun to deploy this to AWS, however, their key DevOps lead left the business mid-way through the project. This left Perkbox with limited in-house support and a tight release deadline to meet.

Upon investigation, the DC/OS platform wouldn’t provide the features & flexibility Perkbox required. Because of this, we recommended replacing DC/OS with Kubernetes and committed to spending the remaining days building a highly available Kubernetes platform on AWS.

Following the launch of the new infrastructure, the considerably improved response time—in conjunction with the benefits of an effective CI/CD process—resulted in higher sales.

We worked with Perkbox to develop the orchestration code for surrounding AWS services in-line with industry best practices. This included cloud services such as Aurora, ElastiCache, Route53, CloudFront, & API Gateway.

After this successful project, we’re now working with them on an ongoing basis. We provide Perkbox with AWS and Kubernetes/container/microservices architecture expertise when required.

Our migration and re-architecture process

Being hosting-agnostic allows us to create a service that isn’t restricted by a particular environment. It frees us from following the standard process of having a hosting platform first and offering management as an afterthought.

We’ll take care of everything for you using the following process:

setup timeline