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A look into our partnership with Sperry Rail

How Steamhaus Used AWS Well-Architected to Improve Sperry Rail’s Artificial Intelligence System.

Sperry Rail has been a world leader in RailHealth solutions for over 85 years and has helped their customers to improve their performance and safety in railway operations all over the globe.

Over the last three years, Sperry Rail has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system called Elmer, named after Sperry’s founder, Dr. Elmer Sperry. Elmer uses machine intelligence to inspect thousands of miles of ultrasound scans collected by Sperry’s inspection vehicles, searching for evidence of cracks in the rail.

Over two days, Steamhaus conducted a Well-Architected Review on-site with the team who designed, built, and currently manage Elmer at Sperry Rail. We bundled the Well-Architected Review with our professional services consultancy.

In a nutshell, our work enabled Sperry to:

  • Adopt more serverless services and abstract more resources
  • Implement a managed build, continuous integration, and load test environment by taking advantage of the automation features in AWS services

You can read about our partnership in much more depth on the AWS blog here:

Written By Rob Greenwood 31 Mar 2020