What we do

Accelerate. De-risk. Enable.

Our expertise in cloud native and application modernisation will allow your business to move forward faster and more safely. And, by enabling your teams, your organisation will become stronger.

What We Do

Helping businesses achieve their ambitions with cloud native technology

As specialists in cloud native technologies and application modernisation, we help you to achieve your business objectives. Our expertise will keep your company agile and at the forefront of the ever-evolving cloud industry.

We provide you with strategic advice and enable your teams, ensuring your business can safely negotiate its journey into the cloud – helping you to achieve greater ‘time to value’ on your investments.

Ambitions can vary. You might want to migrate to the cloud faster so your company can modernise its existing services. Or you may want us to support your internal teams as they build new applications and manage your data using cloud native tools.

Whatever your goal, our experience and knowhow will enable you to get there sooner.

AWS Migration

Accelerate your migration journey

We provide deep expertise and experience to inform your migration strategy, ensuring you unlock the full power and potential of AWS through the adoption of cloud native technologies.

By leveraging AWS programs such as the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), we help you accelerate your cloud migration and modernisation journey with an outcome-driven methodology.

In addition to helping you build your migration and modernisation roadmap and future state architecture, we can also provide hands-on engineering resource to support the heavy lifting.

AWS Modernisation

Transform to a modern cloud architecture

Modernise your applications with cloud native technology and create an infrastructure that is agile, elastic and highly resilient.

A modern AWS application will ensure your business can scale quickly, efficiently and cost effectively – enabling you to achieve the maximum return on your investments.

Cloud Native Development

Build modern applications on AWS

Enable your teams to innovate faster and release better products using the latest cloud native technologies.

By building modern applications, you can deliver improved performance, security and reliability.

Data Engineering

Fuel innovation with data and AI

Connect your data in the cloud to optimise your business processes and make informed decisions faster.

By building a cloud data strategy, you will gain greater control over your data workflows, find the answers you need faster and enable innovation to take place in your organisation.


Build and scale your SaaS business

We work with ISVs and B2B software providers to help plan, design, build and manage SaaS solutions on AWS

We engage at all stages of the SaaS journey, from product vision and strategy, to the development of a minimum viable service, and ultimately to a fully-featured production SaaS solution on AWS.

Your cloud native journey

We’ll help you to understand where you are in your cloud native journey and prepare you to take your next steps.

Build & architect

Develop a cloud native architecture that will allow your teams to build quickly and iteratively.

Everything as Code

Optimise communication and collaboration by adopting an everything-as-code approach.

Continuous Delivery

Enable improvements to be made and feedback to be shared transparently through a continuous delivery pipeline.


Gain full visibility over your cloud environment by enabling your organisation to see all its metrics, events, logs and traces data.

Modern Data Management

Create purpose-built data management capabilities that correspond with your specific business needs and goals.


Integrate security within your Dev and Ops teams to ensure guardrails are in place to protect your organisation.

Continuous Deployment

Give your business the capacity to deploy changes into production automatically by developing a continuous deployment pipeline.

Cloud Operations

Manage and optimise your portfolio of applications at scale in the cloud.

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How We Do It

Empower & Enable

We take responsibility for resolving your organisational challenges and achieving your business ambitions. That is why we always start by looking at your objectives, providing strategic advice that is relevant to your broader goals.

We also focus on enabling your internal teams. We always adopt an open and collaborative approach to platform engineering. This enables us to integrate seamlessly with your teams and to share expertise and knowhow with our fellow engineers.

Faster, safer and stronger

Our approach follows a People, Process, Technology methodology that is proven to help customers achieve maximum ‘time to value’ on their cloud investment.


We enable you to achieve your business goals faster, by helping you embrace cloud native technology.


We allow you to create cloud-based platforms that will scale efficiently, reliably and safely, by ensuring best practice is always followed.


We strengthen your business’s ability to innovate using cloud native technology, by empowering engineers and enabling your teams.

Our Recent Work

How our customers are migrating & modernising

Lumina Learning

Transforming organisations through personal growth

To meet the needs of their rapidly growing customer base, including new product development and complex compliance requirements, we designed and built a highly scalable and secure, fully serverless solution on AWS.

Modulr Finance

Powering business with embedded payments

Through a highly collaborative engagement, Steamhaus and Modulr Finance built a Cloud Native platform enabling faster delivery velocity through improved developer experience, and ensuring compliance in a highly regulated industry.

Sperry Rail

Making the world's railways safer

Sperry Rail partnered with Steamhaus and AWS to accelerate and de-risk their Digital Transformation journey. Together we are building industry leading, Cloud Native products, unlocking the true value of their data, automating analysis, and ensuring safer more reliable railways.