Working for a forward-thinking cloud consultancy is pretty cool in itself, but just in case you need any further convincing, here’s some info about what it’s like to work at Steamhaus.

Careers at Steamhaus

So you're interested in a career with one of the North West's leading Cloud and DevOps consultancies?

Below our list of reasons to want to, and to not want to, work at Steamhaus, there's a list of any current vacancies. Click the link to go to more information about the role, and find information about how to apply.

If you want to send in your CV proactively, please do so by emailing We’ll get back in touch with you when there’s something suitable, or if we think you’re truly remarkable, we’ll probably ask to meet you for a coffee to find out more.

Please - no sales calls from recruitment agencies.

If you are a recruiter, see our recruiters page.

Reasons to want to work for Steamhaus

  1. 1

    You’ll get to work for a company that genuinely believes in empowering and looking after their staff.

    SH.C S01.47.51.91
  2. 2

    You’ll get to work for a fantastic, future-embracing, growing and thriving cloud consultancy that values all its staff, not just the sales staff.

    SH.C S02.64.28.2
  3. 3

    You’ll get an actual say in how the company is run, and participate in mapping out our direction. We value everyone's opinion and take it on board.

    SH.C S03.3.30.20
  4. 4

    We’re fully transparent - you’ll get to see how we’re doing financially and technically every month; we don’t hide our financial figures from staff.

    SH.C S04.30.69.75
  5. 5

    You get 36 days a year of holiday, and we actively insist that you take it. We’ll lock you out of Slack if necessary.

    SH.C S05.50.92.55
  6. 6

    You get to stroke Poppy, our office dog.

    SH.C S06.89.93.86
  7. 7

    You’ll get to work in our fantastic offices in the top floor of a mill building in the Northern Quarter, with all the bars and coffee shops you could ever want right on our doorstep.

    SH.C S07.24.18.51

Reasons to not want to work for Steamhaus

  1. 1

    You don’t want to work for a startup where there isn’t a set of rigid rules, hierarchy or micromanagement going on.

    SH.C S08.44.48.69
  2. 2

    You're worried about working somewhere that sounds like a German sauna.

    SH.C S09.49.6.28
  3. 3

    The lift may or may not make it all the way to our floor. YMMV.

    SH.C S10.41.74.3
  4. 4

    You don't get desk drawers. We're not sure why, but that's just the way it is.

    SH.C S11.50.14.90
  5. 5

    You’ll never have any money because of working in the Northern Quarter, with the allure of all its hipster hangouts.

    SH.C S12.44.47.69
  6. 6

    You're scared of our office dog, Poppy.

    SH.C S13.47.64.59

Current Vacancies

Site Reliability Engineer

Looking for prospective candidates (November start)

We're on the lookout for Site Reliability Engineers to grow our technical team here in Manchester.

At Steamhaus we design, build, monitor and maintain highly available cloud-based hosting solutions that are fast, scalable and cost-effective.

We work with online retailers, app developers, digital and creative agencies and content publishers and provide excellent technical expertise and first-class customer service.

The role

As a Site Reliability Engineer you will be responsible for overseeing the smooth running of our customer’s infrastructure, providing support through service desk, phone and in reaction to monitoring alerts. Alongside this, you will proactively look to identify potential areas for enhancement within the customer’s infrastructure.

You will also work as part of a team alongside our Solutions Architects, assisting in the delivery of new customer projects.

Key tasks

  • Provide support to our existing customer base through service desk and phone.
  • Triage and resolve alerts from our monitoring platform.
  • Continually evaluate existing platforms, identifying areas for improvement with an emphasis on uptime and cost optimisation.
  • Assist in the build of new customer environments working as part of a larger project team.
  • Act as a mentor to new team members.
  • On-call duties.

Key skills / experience

  • Solid Linux experience.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work on several work streams with excellent time management.
  • A positive, constructive approach with an emphasis on collaboration.
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn new skills, technologies and gain industry recognised certifications.

In addition, the following is advantageous:

  • Experience with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.
  • Configuration management and orchestration experience.
  • Experience with working on high-traffic platforms.
  • Experience of working in an agile environment.


  • 36 days a year of holiday (inc bank holidays)
  • After your first year of service, you’ll get to join our employee trust, meaning you get a portion of the equity in Steamhaus.
  • Company pension contributions eventually matched up to 5% of your gross salary.
  • We’ll help you develop and grow and actively set you on the path to achieve AWS certifications as you progress.
  • Continuous self-paced training & certifications for all cloud technologies.
  • A MacBook Pro and big display.
  • Working from our fantastic offices in the top floor of a mill building in the Northern Quarter (see above).
  • Hundreds of additional perks through Perkbox.
  • Yoga classes should that sort of thing float your boat.

Salary: Competitive

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