So you're interested in a career with one of the North West's leading Cloud and DevOps consultancies?

A little bit about us

Steamhaus is a Manchester-based cloud and DevOps consultancy and managed service provider. We work with startups / scale-ups, ecommerce, and digital transformation teams who need excellent technical expertise and first-class customer service.

Our Next Generation AWS Managed services include platform design and build, ongoing support and optimisation, and 24/7 SLA-backed monitoring and incident response.

We specialise in building and running containers and serverless platforms ensuring our customers can scale their businesses faster, freeing them up to focus on developing new features and products, and ensuring their platforms are fast, secure and robust.

Our culture

Our culture is very much about autonomy, being treated like an adult, having a say in how we do things and generally just being yourself. Have a look at our Culturebook to get a flavour of how we work.

We’re a technical-led business and sell solutions that are right for customers rather than selling anything to get the sales figures up. So we only want to work with people that are on board with that approach.

Current vacancies

Recruitment agencies

Please - we don't need help from recruitment agencies for open vacancies. If you are a recruiter, see our recruiters page.

Reasons to want to work with us

  1. 1

    You’ll get to work for a company that genuinely believes in empowering and looking after their staff. This is genuine and authentic, and not PR bullshit.

    SH.C S01.33.83.74
  2. 2

    We'll support you to study for AWS certifications, including paying for training and the exams themselves

    SH.C S02.15.15.85
  3. 3

    You’ll get an actual say in how the company is run, and participate in mapping out our direction. We value everyone's opinion and take it on board.

    SH.C S03.55.49.23
  4. 4

    We’re fully transparent - you’ll get to see how we’re doing financially and technically every month; we don’t hide our financial figures from staff.

    SH.C S04.70.12.8
  5. 5

    You get 36 days a year of holiday, and we actively insist that you take it. We’ll lock you out of Slack if necessary.

    SH.C S05.7.62.83
  6. 6

    We offer a profit share scheme to all staff and are setting up an employee trust that all staff will be eligible to join after being with us for a year.

    SH.C S06.49.63.25
  7. 7

    You’ll get to work in our fantastic offices in the top floor of a mill building in the Northern Quarter, with all the bars and coffee shops you could ever want right on our doorstep.

    SH.C S07.46.97.97
  8. 8

    You can work from home as much as you like, if that's what works best for you.

    SH.C S08.56.72.87
  9. 9

    You get to stroke Poppy, our office dog.

    SH.C S09.19.56.94

Reasons to not want to work with us

  1. 1

    You don’t want to work for a startup where there isn’t a set of rigid rules, hierarchy or micromanagement going on. You won't get a review meeting.

    SH.C S01.65.58.66
  2. 2

    You're worried about working somewhere that sounds like a German sauna.

    SH.C S02.72.36.77
  3. 3

    You don't get desk drawers. We're not sure why, but that's just the way it is.

    SH.C S03.21.49.67
  4. 4

    You’ll never have any money because of working in the Northern Quarter, with the allure of all its hipster hangouts.

    SH.C S04.75.50.36
  5. 5

    You're scared of our office dog, Poppy.

    SH.C S05.31.39.95