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Steamhaus & AWS: Accelerating your Modernization Journey

Phil joins Richard Lees (AWS), and Bobby Gilbert (Sperry Rail) in a discussion about how Sperry Rail accelerated their modernisation journey with Steamhaus.

"Application Modernization: Accelerating your Modernization Journey" is a whistle stop tour of AWS customers most pressing modernisation questions:

  1. Why modernise?
  2. What to modernise?
  3. How to modernise?

Phil talks with Richard and Bobby about how Steamhaus helped Sperry Rail accelerate their modernisation journey, and how we leveraged AWS' Cloud Native Accelerator programme to further accelerate their journey.

You can watch the webinar in its entirety here, under the "Future Proof Applications” tab.

You can view the slides here: Application Modernization: Accelerating your Modernization Journey.

Written By Daniel Faraday-Foster 5 Jul 2023