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Steamhaus Earns AWS Service Delivery Designation For EKS

We've achieved the AWS service delivery designation for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

We are pleased to announce that Steamhaus has earned the AWS service delivery designation for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Being selected by AWS as a launch partner for this designation recognises Steamhaus has proven success helping customers architect, deploy and operate containerised workloads on Amazon EKS, and differentiates Steamhaus as an AWS Partner that has:

  • A deep understanding of Kubernetes & Amazon EKS,
  • Demonstrated experience, and
  • Proven customer success helping customers manage, deliver, and optimize containerised workloads with Amazon EKS

"We’re proud to receive this validation from AWS, it is recognition of our expertise and experience – and an acknowledgement that our processes can be considered best practice.

This will give our customers the confidence that EKS on AWS will be delivered efficiently and without complication, enabling them to achieve their business goals sooner."

Rob Greenwood, CTO

Steamhaus, which is also recognised as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, is focused on delivering an EKS service that ensures organisations achieve their broader business goals.

About AWS Service Delivery Program

AWS Service Delivery Partners have a deep understanding of AWS services and experience helping customers leverage these services. They must pass a rigorous technical validation to achieve the AWS Service Delivery designation.

You can be confident that, in choosing an AWS Service Delivery Partner, you are working with a team that has expertise and proven success delivering AWS services to customers.

Read more about the announcement directly from AWS, here.

About Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Amazon EKS is a managed Kubernetes service to run Kubernetes in the AWS cloud. Amazon EKS automatically manages the availability and scalability of the Kubernetes control plane nodes responsible for scheduling containers, managing application availability, storing cluster data, and other key tasks.

With Amazon EKS, you can take advantage of all the performance, scale, reliability, and availability of AWS infrastructure, as well as integrations with AWS networking and security services.

Customer Success Stories

Steamhaus has enabled leading organisations worldwide to run their most sensitive and mission critical applications on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), including:

Modulr Finance Modulr offers Payments-as-a-Service which automates payment flows, embeds payments in other platforms and enables customers to launch entirely new services.

"Steamhaus was an invaluable partner to work with when we started out on our EKS journey.

Their clear level of experience in this area was evident. They did not just deliver a service; they empowered us to continue to incrementally improve."

Alex Kantor, Director of Technology

Paytrix Paytrix is a payments curation layer that enhances your payments infrastructure as you grow — helping online brands scale smoothly.

"Having worked with Steamhaus in previous instances I felt their EKS knowhow and professional integrity would help us progress at pace.

Five months later, we are launching our MVP in production ahead of schedule!"

Ed Addario, Chief Technical Officer

Written By Daniel Faraday-Foster 26 Oct 2022